Do you want to loose weight? Join me on my LCHF-journey!

The moment of truth is here… I was not very strict with LCHF during Christmas time (which started like in the end of November, so 2 months ago…). I step on my balance this morning and I discovered that I gained like 5 kg!!! ☹️ ! And it is not only weight, which is the problem. I also feel tired, have only a little energy and just feel “not right”. I also decreased in my exercising, since I really didn’t feel for it… Not good at all…

But now January is here, so it is time to make a “fresh start” and reboot my LCHF-lifestyle. And of course loose my extra weight. And I would like to have some company on my journey. Do YOU want to join me? If so, please like my Facebook page , so you can see directly when I am posting new posts. And I promise to post few times a week about LCHF-ides, tips and about my progress. And I hope that I can help you in your journey, too. It is easier to achieve success together! 😀



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