How to start the LCHF-journey?

If you really want to start following LCHF, it requires not only a lot of determination, but also some knowledge about our biology.

One of my first important steps was watching a video by Dr Robert Lustig called “Sugar – the bitter truth”, where he describes how sugar is damaging our bodies. You can watch it here. Although the lecture is 1,5 hour long, don’t get tempted to skip any part. You will not regret this 90 minutes, they can change your life. And you will learn A LOT.

Almost immediately after watching the lecture, I read two books that provided me with more detailed information: “Why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes and “Low carb, high fat food revolution” by Andreas Eenfeldt (the original, Swedish version is: “Matrevolutionen: ät dig frisk med riktig mat”). I will describe these books and their authors more in details in later posts, as they are very important in the LCHF-world. You can also get a lot of information for free in the blog of Andreas Eenfeld, called DietDoctor, or its Swedish version Kostdoktorn.  Although some information is avaliable only upon subscription, the free access is absolutely enough in the beginning. Who knows, maybe you can even start the 2-week low-carb challenge already today?

Making the story short, it is sugar, or more correct – carbohydrates in general, which are causing obesity and other metabolic syndrome symptoms. And they also contribute to many other health issues, i.a. they exacerbate symptoms of PCOS via their impact on hormones. And the easiest solution of avoiding a whole bunch of health issues is just not to eat carbohydrates at all. Human body doesn’t need them. It needs proteins, fat, and various micro-elements, but not carbohydrates.

Of course, it is a very revolutionary approach from the current cultural perspective, as carbohydrates make often central ingredients in our recipes. It is important to realize that carbohydrates are not just pure sugar and sweets – they are also food that is perceived by many as “healthy”, such as bread, pasta, and even many types of fruits and vegetables.

Still not convinced to abandon carbohydrates? Let’s go deeper into the scientific details in later posts.

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