For over twenty years I have been struggling with various problems caused by polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). I was very easily gaining weight, had oily skin and acne, my hair became thinner, I was constantly stressed and tired, and my mood was swinging like a rollercoaster.
Although I felt better when taking p-pills and some additional medications, which is a standard “treatment” of PCOS, it was not really solving the problem, just masking it. Additionally, over time, other health issues begun to appear. One of them was infertility and I also became overweight and pre-diabetic.
And then, few years ago, I discovered Low-Carb and High-Fat lifestyle, called usually for LCHF. I wrote “lifestyle”, not “diet”, deliberately. LCHF is just not another “diet” that one is supposed to follow for few weeks, and then go back to “normal” food again. LCHF is a way of living, which requires a fundamental shift of paradigm about what we think about nutrition, in comparison to what has been told us for last 50 years by majority of doctors, governments and nutrition organisations/institutes. Based on poor research and hard lobbying, they started to recommend high-carb and low-fat food since 1970s, which is probably one of the main causes of the current obesity and diabetes pandemic.
So, what is my life now, when I’m following LCHF? Well, it is pretty great actually! I’m not pre-diabetic or overweight anymore, and I don’t need to count calories and feel guilty when eating. I feel full of energy, and my stress level is low. And my skin and hair are in very good condition.
The purpose of this blog is to share with you various information and tips about LCHF, such as science behind, recipes, links to other LCHF-sites and so on. I will try to focus especially on how LCHF may help women with PCOS, but I hope that everyone else may also benefit from this information.

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